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At Srestha Finvest Ltd , we understand your financial needs and requirements completely. Private Finance in India predominantly has taken to traditional means of financing their business requirements. The primary cause for this, among other factors, would be the lack of focused players in the financing sector. Given the lack of structured financing solutions, limited skill sets, dearth of innovation in structuring transactions, restrictive regulations limiting the ability of financial institutions to offer customized solutions, borrowers are left with very few options. This situation however, is where we at Srestha Finvest Ltd see an opportunity by offering customized and structured solutions.

Our Lending Business segment aims to provide specialized and holistic solutions to Indian corporates and personal private parties helping them build and grow their businesses. We focus on products in the structured credit space backed by decent cash flows to build a secured and quality wholesale lending portfolio. Under the Wholesale Lending Business, we provide credit solutions for situations like initial funding requirements of a project, mezzanine financing, acquisition financing, project financing, bridge financing, promoter funding, short term and long term working capital requirements, personal finance etc.

As part of our Lending Business, we cater to various corporates and individuals financial requirements offering custom-made solutions. Our lending business offers various custom made solutions,

Srestha Finvest Ltd also indulges in investment and trading in to stocks and shares as part of their business vertical. The Investment are both in terms of strategic as well as trade purposes. The company aims to build and develop its business model in to customized product solutions for its clientele also over a period of time in near future.

The company also aims to develop its business verticals in more dynamic streams offering one stop solutions for all kinds of finance and Investment related products.